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Project team can be considered as an Agile activity, where by
an Agile Team is striving to achieve something that the previous failed to do. There are many reasons for Project Management Recovery which are listed below:
  1. End user stakeholder not involved.
  2. Minimal or No stake holder backing.
  3. Weak business case.
  4. Project goals not understood at the lower organisation.
  5. Plans asking for too much in too little time.
  6. Poor estimates, especially financial.
According to (Svetlana & Terry, 2006) researching the actuality of projects leads to Recovery Project Management success.World leading companies like apple identifies and acknowledges the importance of recovery project management.


If a project is in trouble, the Project Manager is in charge of initiating the work leading to Project Recovery and to get the schedule back on track. The four identified steps to be implemented by the project manager are discussed below.

Identification stage- Recovery Project Management can only be initiated if the problem leading to the failure can be identified. Discovering a projects failure source can be difficult, therefore Project Managers make the use of audits and interviewing of the whole team (agile team and stake holders). with careful analysis of the situation will result to an effective identification of the failure.

Assessment stage- From the identification stage, assessment of the situation is initiated. The Project Manager conducts assessment using means like interviews, projects plans etc. The assessment phase helps review and document the state of the project with the new direction and objectives.

Planning stage- The planning stage can only commence if all the key-decision makers and other key members involved in the projects makes a decision. Planning phase involves
1. Develop the Recovery plan with defined success points.
2. Identify resources needed to Recover project.
3. Communicate Plan to key players.
3. Attain sign off.

Execution stage- Identifying and Assuring that all objectives and set goals in the Recovery plan are effective, the Project Manager and the team commences with the work adopting PM practices to achieve success.

Recovery project management can boost companies reputation if it is successful and guarantee more experience to the team. At the same time to Recover a Project means more Cost, Resources and Time will be sacrificed, same goes for collapsing a reputation if success is not guaranteed.

Links to other agile principles or practices

Daily Scrum: Can be linked to the planning stage in Recovery Project management, the Project Manager sets this up and the team communicates ideas for the Recovery Plan.

Communication: This can be linked with Recovery Project management, as a key source of success in Project Recovery.

Feedback: Can be linked to the assessment stage in Recovery project Management. With the information from the previous steps, a well designed Recovery Plan can be developed.

Links to PMO knowledge areas (KAs)

Project Risk Management: Can be linked to all stages in Recovery Project Management, identifying previous risk and future risk in terms of cost and time is mandatory for project success.

Project Scope management: Unclear objectives and requirement can lead to Project failure. Defining a clear objective during Recovery Project Plan can lead to satisfying the end user expectation.

Examples of use outside to IT domain

Business: High earning and popular firms implement Recovery Project Management on products, a perfect example is the release of apple product (I-phone 4). An apple product which received negative feedback due to technical faults, apple launched a Recovery plan by collecting all the bad phones and replacing it with a new designed product for customers. Due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan the reputation was not affected.


‍‍‍Svetlana, C. Terry, W. (2006) 'Rethinking Project management: Researching the acutality of projects'. International Journal of Project Management. 24(3) pp. 675-686

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