Group Eagle



We agree to:

1. Work collaboratively, respect one another views and |submit all coursework by the deadline.

2. Attend group meetings once arranged unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case the members of the group should be made aware at reasonable notice.

3. That group meetings can be held with at least three out of four members in attendance and collaboration meetings can be held by at least three out of five members, so long as the absent parties are made aware of actions as soon as is possible after meetings.

4. Completeour assigned parts of the coursework and make the group aware on time if we face any problems.

5. Not to take any unilateral action on the group’s behalf without the group’s consent and in case of emergency to have the agreement of at least two members of the group.

These terms and conditions is binding upon all group members and is subject to change with prior approval of all members of the group.

I certify that I have read and understood the above terms and conditions

O.Oyebokun O. Adebayo T. Enitinwa, Valentine E

-------------------------------, ----------------------------------,------------------------------,------------------------

Omolara Oyebokun Olumide Adebayo Amin El-Saegh Tolulope Enitinwa,Valentine Erua

1st iteration - Project Risk Management
2nd Iteration -Project Time Management
3rd Iteration- Project Communication Management
4th Iteration -Project Stakeholder Management
5th Iteration -Project Human Resource Management