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This is a phrase that is usually employed is a business environment to signify the continuous running of activities irrespective of the current situation, specifically when there exists challenges that may hinder the progress of the work being done. It also refers to the maintenance of the status quo.

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In recent times, the progression of project management within organizations has progressed from traditional ways of operations to a more proficient way of running things. The day to day running of the organization can be said to be a business as usual management system. Where activities related to manufacturing, processing, packaging and sales are continuously managed to ensure that financial dealings and customer relationships run smoothly and this could also include their relationships with other organizations (Lock, 2014). If we assume a model of a company to be totally projectized at one end and totally business as usual oriented at the other end, none of this companies could be described as solely business as usual or project delivery specific. Organizations have embraced a BAU process in modern times to improve their investment management and constant changes in the business environment such as implementation of a new system, a product launch and the re-engineering of a new business model.

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