Group Name: Grace Group (Together we must succeed)
Group members:
Success Obuoha :-14098450
Owai Grace:- 12235796
Yizao Ding :-12232361

Group rules: -Rules of the group

  • Members shall attend every meeting unless he/she is sick or any other emotional problems
  • Members shall participate in every activities such as reading of articles every week
  • Members of the group must follow-up wiki link on their private time
  • There shall be a group meeting twice a week to ask questions and update wiki
  • Members are to mind their tone when discussing and assertively correct any mistakes
  • Members are expected at all times to work as a team (Together we shall succeed)

Group lesson learnt from the X-P Game


Figure 1.1 showing exact picture of customers’ requirement
In project management understanding client requirements is always problematic. The same issue occurred because the developer found it difficult to understand the business case. However, lessons were learned on how to identify and understand the initial client requirement and how to achieve their project objectives. On the other hand, the team worked in agile methodology; this means that the task was assigned to each individual and was monitored by the scrum master. In addition, agile have helped the group to impove on self effective management.