Group Name: Five-0

Group Members:
Yu Xi 10320784
Selina Tse 09201861
Sampath kumar 08196446
Jiayi Wu 11702281

Ground Rules:

  • All relevant information should be shared
  • Individual members input is equally valued
  • Everyone should attend the group meeting on time
  • If you are unable to attend the group meeting, inform the other member’s
  • The group is ultimately responsible for the end product
  • When we are going off-track, try to correct it out.
  • Every Group members are expected to contribute to all stages of the process (if you leave the room, you are accountable for getting filled in and agree to support any group decision)
  • Ensure that every member of the group are encouraged by each other’s
  • Respect difference opinions
  • Each member in the group is responsible for our success
  • Feel free to ask a question when you have one
  • Be a team Player
  • To keep smooth and efficient communication by using several methods such as phone, e-mail and wiki.
  • Team members should finish off their allocated task by the specified deadline i.e. for our next meeting.

Image of the Coffee Maker which developers designed:


Lessons Learnt from XP Gaming:

Difficulties we faced during the XP Gaming:
  • Customers were too broad on their requirements
  • Developers did not communicate well with the customers

The role of monitor is crucial because they monitor the communication between developers and the client. Everyone should play an integrated role in this otherwise it becomes unsuccessful. The role of developers is very important because without developers the project or product cannot be developed and be delivered to the client on time. The role of the client plays an phenomenal role because they determine the success of the end deliverable or project.

Lessons Learnt:

We have learnt that face-to-face conversation is the most efficient method of conveying information
We have learnt that customer and developer should work together through the project, keep customer satisfaction the results.
The best requirements and designs emerge from self-organizing team.
The customer need to provide specific requirements and designer need to know the requirement deeply to ensure the project success.

Group Activity (12/02/13):

Product Backlog: Articles of Knowledge area (KA)

Sprint Duration:
Iteration 0: 7 Days
Iteration 1: 11 Days
Iteration 2: 12 Days

Team velocity:
Split Stories into tasks- Short Daily Scrum Meetings.

User Stories:
1.Project Risk Management
2.Project Stakeholder Management

Go through each of the SCRUM practices and score them 1-3 w.r.t. your experience from the first two iterations i.e.
1- used.
2- not used but could be used it in the future iterations.
3- not used and not applicable.


Daily Standup- 2
Sprint Meeting - 1
Scrum of Scrums- 1