University of Hertfordshire: Agile Project Management 7BSP1018-1213

Group: ABC Limited

Group Members:

James Rose
Natasha Mugabe
Syed Hussain
Weidong Zuo

Ground Rules:

  • Communicate via e-mail, with the Scrum master for each week or task ensuring that all group members have responded and are available to meet at the time and location.
  • Meetings will take place at least two times per week, with a variance to this if as a group we decide this to be necessary.
  • Communicate any changes to group meetings and inform all of the group of your absence at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If a group member is not able to attend the meeting, they must be informed of the events which took place during the meeting via e-mail.
  • E-mail the group to notify them of any changes made to the project.
  • Work as a team and ensure all members pull their weight towards the tasks and if there is any problems to notify the group.
  • In the event of a disagreement the issue should be discussed and rectified during the meeting.
  • Provide feedback to the group relating to any ideas or developments within the project.
  • Offer constructive criticism to assist with development.
  • Ensure all members of the group are kept motivated.

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Lessons learned from XP Game:

  • Ensure all specifications and documentation is clear and concise, with all points clearly explained and where possible an example of each is given to reinforce understanding of the requirement being explained.
  • Time management needs to be fully implemented, to be able to manage effectively and efficiently. Our time management was carefully managed.
  • Communication is fine and professional enabling all points to be put across and each group member to clearly understand what is being explained.
  • To integrate different tasks in to the project, and integrate communication between client and developer is a very essential and important part of the project.
  • It is important to identify uncertainty and risk of the project before planning, as the result of that it is difficult to plan when it includes uncerntainty for estimating.