Group Members:
Aya Qadi- 12237487
Haritina Tuykova- 12232917
Domenique Bedson- 09204265
Adedeji Ojeniyi- 10320057
Emase Aghogho Omamohwo- 12234642

Group- The Agiles Group Rules and Lessons Learnt

Group Rules

The rules listed below should be followed by all members of the Group- The Agiles.
  • All group meetings should be agreed upon by all members of the team.
  • All meetings should be attended by all members.
  • No attendance and lateness should be reported to Scrum Master or another group member if necessary.
  • Individual work should be completed on time and in full.
  • All members of the Group The Agiles should provide help and support to other members is necessary.
  • Informing Scrum Master and other members of personal difficulties in relation to work or unfinished work is crucial.
  • Delegation of work should be discussed to ensure the best person for the job and delegation should be of equal quantity.

The Agiles Coffee Maker.jpg
Sketched picture of Coffee maker from XP Game

Lessons Learned from XP Game:

At first the developers experienced difficulty understanding exactly what is being asked of them as the specifications provided by the customer were too vague and not specific enough.
Once this problem was identified we worked better as a team and became more productive. Achieving the delivery of the product on time.
Key points to take onto next projects would be:

  • Provide very accurate/detailed specifications
  • Communicate throughout the entire process to ensure all members are on the same page
  • Keep track on time as this will help coordinate each process
  • To allocate roles to people best suited for the job at hand to ensure quality.
  • Prior discussion of tasks should take place to guarantee clear objectives and well completed tasks.